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I'm Rory Alexa, owner of book & bobbin (Formerly known as Black Bird Binding). This small business began in Fall of 2020 and is continuing to grow in exciting ways every day!

I found my love for book binding during my undergrad years at SUNY New Paltz. I spent hours upon hours in the book binding room; experimenting, playing with different stitching techniques, and ways to bind all the pieces together. Not only is it fulfilling, it also provides a calm state of mind when creating something with your own hands. Embroidery was introduced during fall 2021 when I became inspired by my sewing skills and other amazing artists. The two art forms just went together!

Add in lots of passion, a touch of whimsy and a little dash of my Pagan practice, and you get personalized, custom products to carry with you on your journey through life.